Naughty or Nice? Slots

Naughty or Nice Slots is a progressive with five reels and a gantry and 50 pay lines. To help you along the way there exist multiple wild symbols, scatter symbols, bonus rounds and especially high-paying icons. You might remember the nom de guerre from that old Christmas tale referencing who was naughty or nice during the year in order to get the Christmas gifts, or a stocking full of coal.

Do not be put off by the sheer range of pay lines available here; you can bet as small as $.50 by playing all the lines at the lowest coin denomination, or as much as a huge $250 per spin at the highest coin selections, while playing all 50 pay lines. As is often the case, the paying symbols do so from the left to the right direction. Speaking of symbols, there is the nice girl wild symbol and the naughty girl scatter symbol. When five Nice girl symbols show up then the progressive Jackpot is yours to keep. Now that you got a quick taste of some of the most important symbols, let's take a look at the rest of them.

Santa Claus is the most lucrative nonbonus symbol in the game. If you can get five of him on the reels, the reward is a mouthwatering 10,000 coins. If you can get 4 Santa Claus symbols, then 500 coins is your award. If you can get 3 Santa Claus you get 100 coins and 2 Santa Claus symbols releases five coins into your bank account. Next we have 5 Mrs. Santa Claus symbols unleashing a 2500 coin win, 4 Mrs. Santa Claus symbols releasing 250 coins, 3 Mrs. Santa Claus symbols gives you 25 coins and 2 Mrs. Santa Claus symbols provides five coins. The last symbol that pays you at least three figures is the reindeer. Five reindeer gives you 1000 coins, 4 reindeer gives you 150 coins, 3 reindeer gives you 20 coins, and 2 reindeer gives you five coins.

Keep your eyes on the prize in Naughty or Nice Slots because the so-called low-paying symbols don't have the potential to make your bank account flourish. The Ace, King, Queen symbols will remind you of the table game poker - and that's because they actually are from poker! Five of these on the reels gives you 250 coins, for these gives you 50 coins, and three of these gives you 10 coins. The last batch consists of the Joker, 10, and 9. Five of each gives you 150 coins, four of them gives you 25 coins, and three of them gives you five coins.

Additionally, you can win a bonus of 10 free games if at least three scatter symbols show up anywhere on the board. Once this happens you get to pick one of the two girls to function as your bonus to substitute. Whichever one appears in a winning combination henceforth will double your payout win.Cash prizes of up to 20 times is starting that are available in this game, so it's worth playing by downloading the casino software and signing up. As always, gamble responsibly - especially when playing 50 pay line video slots; a prose experience suggests that you use small coin denominations if you've got to watch her cash. The alternative is always available so there's no obligation to put down any money to have fun. Download today!