Shopping Spree 2 Slots

We love the look and the feel of Shopping Spree II, and that's why we're creating a complete analysis of the game down below. If you're interested in different online slot games and you want to know more about what you can expect, take a minute to see what our experience was like and learn if this slot experience is right for you or not.

Created by RTG

This modern slot was crafted by RealTime gaming, and that's one of the first things that we noticed about the game that made us expect it to be a high-quality gambling experience. The game is simple to play, and it's just one of the hundreds of different options that are available at compatible casinos. If you join a site that offers this slot game, you will enjoy access to loads of other games as well. Sign up to play an account and you'll be ready to explore all sorts of top-tier slot games.

Demo This Game

We love that this game is offered with a demo mode that any interested gamblers can use to test it for free. Want to learn more about the slot? You are free to play through round after round of it without risking your money. When you get comfortable with Shopping Spree II, you can move on to playing for real cash and trying for prize wins.

Win the Huge Progressive Jackpot

This slot has an impressive progressive jackpot feature that offers a life-changing amount of money for most gamblers that will be playing. You could win more than $100,000 by triggering the progressive jackpot payout, and for most players using the game, that's a big deal. To win this top prize, you'll have to get one diamond symbol along with four of the SALE wild symbols on the same payline. Accomplish that, and you'll trigger the huge prize payout and win a life-changing amount of money from this slot!

A Luxury Store Themed Game

Each time you spin the reels of this slot, you'll see sunglasses, smartphones, shopping bags, purses, jewelry, shoes, and other high-value items that you would purchase while shopping in a high-end store. The game is located within a storefront that's in the backdrop, and you can play for all sorts of huge wins while you turn the reels and keep getting more shopping-related symbols. If you enjoy shopping this game should appeal to you for its appearance, and that's just asingle thing we enjoy about this game.

Just 9 Paylines

There are nine always-on paylines in this slot game, and that means that you don't have great odds of winning prize payouts with each spin you complete. Wagering with this game is as simple as it can be, and there are loads of winning opportunities as you play this slot. There are just a few options when playing this game which makes it a good option for newer gamblers that can afford to play.

Wager $2.25 Every Time

Each time you spin, you must wager $2.25, which will keep some gamblers from ever trying this game. We agree that the game is costly for some players and that low-stakes players will be turned off by the game. Since the wager is locked at one value, many high-rollers will walk away from this game while trying to decide what to play. If you're comfortable with this wagering amount, or this amount is normally what you bet while playing slots, then this game would be perfect for you. Each player will have to decide if the wager amount works for them or not, and if it doesn't, they can move on to playing something else instead.

Set the Speed Simply

It's easy to set your speed value by pressing the lightning bolt symbol before you begin playing the game. You can choose between one lightning bolt for normal speed and two lightning bolts for high speed. The setting you choose will impact how fast the reels spin, and you'll get the chance to choose to play the game at the speed that you enjoy the most.

Utilize the Basic Autoplay Feature

Autoplay is an included feature in this slot game, and it allows you to make the game turn the reels automatically without you having to press the spin button. Choose the autoplay button and then select just a few spins all the way up to 100 spins. Once you choose your autoplay setting, the game will keep turning the reels until you decide to stop it or you run out of spins. We love the simplicity of this feature, and many gamblers will use it without having to question how to get it set up.

Multiply Wins with Sale up to 20x

The SALE symbols are wilds in this game, and they are also powerful multipliers. Whenever you create a winning symbol combination using one or more SALE symbols along with other symbols, you'll enjoy up to a 20x prize multiplier. Use SALE symbols to win as often as possible, and you'll increase the win size you can achieve up to a maximum of 50,000 coins on a single payline!

Good Value Pay Table

We love that this game offers good solid prize values when compared to other slots you can play today. Glance at the paytable and you'll see wins for 10,000 coins, 5,000 coins, and even 50,000 coins! The table is far more valuable than most other slot tables that we're familiar with, and that's going to attract gamblers that are hoping to win big.

Shopping Spree Free Games

When you have three scatters or more, you will unlock the free spin bonus round. In this bonus, you get nine free spins, and you'll be collecting shopping points as you go. During the bonus round, you still have a chance to use the multiplier wilds to increase your prize wins, you could win the progressive jackpot prize, and you'll be collecting points that unlock even more free spins later.

Bonus Tally Free Games

While going through the Shopping Spree free spin bonus round, you'll be trying to collect thousands of bonus points. For every 1,000 points that you amass, you will get three free spins for the next bonus game. The second bonus feature begins immediately after you use your nine free spins, and you can get up to 12 free games by getting 1,000 bonus points. Between the two free spin bonus rounds, you can get up to 21 free spins each time you get three scatters or more in this game.

Enjoy Free Play Forever

Enjoy the free play bonus round for as long as you want. That means you are free to continue trying the game for as long as you like without using your casino balance. If you determine you only want to play Shopping Spree II in free mode, you can do that forever if you like. The moment you want to play using real money, you are free to swap to real play mode so you can start enjoying all the features of the game with a chance to win real cash prizes. Either way, you can have a lot of fun with this slot!

Play Using Your Casino Balance Conveniently

This slot, like most other RTG slot games, is made to be played using a real money casino balance. If you load this game in Normal mode, you'll be asked to place a real money wager and to play using your cash balance. If you're playing in Free Mode, you can swap to real money mode by closing the game and opening it again. Players can switch game modes in mere seconds, and many players change between the two modes over and over again to continue enjoying the slot in the way they want.

Massive Wins are Possible

This slot offers huge prize payouts worth more than $100,000 when you can unlock the progressive jackpot payout. Even when you can't get this massive win, there are lots of high-value fixed jackpot prizes as well worth 10,000 coins up to 50,000 coins per payline. With so many big winning opportunities available to you, it's simpler than you might expect to win big while playing Shopping Spree II.

A Poor Value Game

While we like most features of this game, we aren't impressed by the value that this slot offers when compared to other games that we tested from RTG. It pays out around 95% of the money that it gets from gamblers, and this is worse than many other slot games that you can play online today. If you want a good value game to play, this one isn't it. If you want an exciting slot to play, this is an excellent option for you.

Enjoy on Most Mobile Devices

Mobile gambling is simple and easy to do, and it's something that most players can have a good time with. If you want to enjoy your games wherever you feel like it, then you will like how well this slot runs on most mobile devices. Load it on a smartphone or tablet, and you can take it with you anywhere. The game works on Android and iOS devices.

Our Rating: Why We Love It

We rated this game 3.9 out of 5.0 stars. We love the high payouts and the fun features of the game, and the graphics are nice as well. We wish the slot offered a better value to gamblers, though, and we can't help but wcriticize that players must wager the same amount each time they play. If some of these details were to change, we would raise the rating of this game, but it's still a good option overall.

Shopping Spree II is a powerful slot game, and it's one of our favorite gambling experiences overall. It feels like a gameshow when you play this slot, and it's easy to get excited after you spin the reels for long enough. Try it yourself to see what we mean, and you might decide that this is your new favorite slot game!