Count Spectacular Slots

Count Spectacular is a spooky Halloween-themed online slot game about a vampire. The slot packs in lots of prizes and offers impressive graphics as well to create a compelling overall package. We were happy to make the review for this slot game, and really enjoyed testing it out from beginning to end. If you want to learn more about the slot you can read through our review yourself, or you can test out the game and form your own opinion about it.

Good Flexible Wagering System

One thing that Count Spectacular has going for it is its wagering setup. You have complete control over how many different paylines you play on. There are 25 in all and you can pick and choose how many or how few of them you want to wager on with each turn that you go through. On top of having flexibility over the lines you go with, you can also choose how much you want to wager on each line, and you have a lot of different money options to pick from. Choose an amount as low as $0.01 per line and as much as $10.00 per line. Between those different options you can very effectively wager a low of $0.01 and a high of $250.00 per spin. That's an excellent mix of options and gives everyone something they can work with.

Count Spectacular Can Help You Win Big

Count Spectacular is easily the most important character in this slot game and can help you come away with some very exciting wins if you play the slot long enough and get a bit lucky. He is a powerful wild and will take the place of all the other symbols in the slot. He also happens to expand to cover an entire reel. Getting the count on any reel will count as getting a scatter on that reel as well, so getting a full set of wilds is the same as getting a full set of scatters too! This wild is the key to unlocking the top-paying jackpot and is worth 10,000 coins if you get five of them across a payline. The count isn't a multiplier in any way, but he is a powerful symbol and is worth a lot if you can get several at the same time. The scatter symbol is worth up to 200x your total wager amount if you get five of them out at once, which is a huge potential payout depending on how much you wager.

Spooky Symbols and Respectable Prizes

Count Spectacular is a slot that's rich with decent paying symbols that all feature the same spooky theme. As you play the slot you'll encounter ghouls, werewolves, vampire bats, vampires, a frightened woman, coffins and more to create a creepy feel that will only serve to enhance your gambling experience even more.

Playing the Count Spectacular Feature

Get Count Spectacular on reels 1 and 5 at the same time and you'll trigger this helpful bonus feature. Once triggered, you get to pick between 12 free spins or 4 re-spins.

If you choose the free games the slot plays like normal and you will have 12 chances to get some decent prize payouts. If you manage to get the wild on the first and last reel at the same time you will trigger an additional 12 free spins to play around with.

If you decide to go with the re-spins the count will remain fixed in place on the first and last reels throughout your spins. You get 4 spins with wilds at both ends of the reels, which gives you a pretty good chance of winning a prize payout.

The Jackpots are Random

In this slot there is a small and large progressive jackpot. Each one grows over time and both of them are completely random in nature. Getting either of the two jackpots occurs by pure luck and can happen after any spin of the reels. These payouts occur after the regular payouts for this slot game, which means that you could have wins coming to you at any time without even realizing that you've won.

An Advanced Autoplay Tool

Autoplay is a feature used by countless gamblers allowing them to make the slot game go through many different spins without them ever having to press the spin button. The feature is turned on with the press of a button and you can specify how many spins you will go through as well as what will make those automatic spins stop while they are running. This feature is very helpful for gamblers that grow tired of pressing spin, but want to play through many different rounds of the slot. It's also useful for gamblers that want very specific control over how many times they will spin and when they will stop playing so they can take better control over how they interact with the slot.

Count Spectacular is a fun way to celebrate Halloween or to get a dose of spooky fun even if it's nowhere near Halloween. The slot packs in a bunch of cool features, it uses some very nice symbols and it creates a good experience overall.