Bubble Bubble 2 Slots

Witchcraft is in the air, and the Halloween season is always just a few months or so away. It's a time of dark-themed festivities for casual and serious online casino gamers alike. Magical potions and scrolls that deliver dashing spells dominate the reels, and the archetypal witch - an old spinster that is beyond the twilight of her fertility and as a result hates men and uses words as weapons to cast spells - roams around the midnight skies on a broom with her black cat tucked securely in her forlorn pouch. It is all so much spookiness, and the roiling cauldrons match the scary black hat for which she is famous.

Now let's take a gander at the actual game, itself, and what it offers. Bubble Bubble 2 Slots concerns a dual team of powerful witches that are in full costume and presiding over what happens on the reels. The spells that they cast are depicted by the symbols on the reels. And the overall experience is further enhanced by the Free Spins, Bonus Rounds and Multipliers that are available with certain select symbol combinations. The payouts are worthwhile, too, which makes it even more enticing to play for real cash - although you are under no obligation to do so. One way - the primary way, in fact - to manage your expenditures in this regard is to play all the lines and bet just a few cents per; this way, you can be on the right side of probability without being on the wrong side of your bank account.

Many players have remarked upon how creepy the slot is, while also mentioning that the riveting graphics adds to the gameplay. It's a throwback to the days when it was safe enough to have your children visit haunted houses on the hill and petition for the biggest batch of candies from the neighbors. The symbols are all reminiscent of that time long ago, with candles, ancient homes, dark and foreboding forests, spiders and more featured on the reels. The game's soundtrack music is positively atmospheric, and is widely acknowledged as one of the best ones available in the world of online casino gaming slots. Bubble Bubble 2 Slots definitely keeps you entertained, and the two sexy witches prance about the screen weaving their magic onto the reels - if you're lucky, that is.

Bubble Bubble 2 Slots can function as a penny slot with the small coin denominations that are available, and it can also be enjoyed for free. If you are a risk taker, then choose the highest coin amount that you dare, play all the paylines, and hold on to your haunted hat with excitement and anxiety as the reels of your impending potential fortune spin their way to the much anticipated result. No matter what, however, there's a free play version to whet your appetite; so do not be bashful. With 5 reels and a whopping 50 paylines, there's plenty here for everyone, with many matching combinations possible to win a prize of some sort - even if it's just for fun. Bubble Bubble 2 is twice the trouble as the first version; if you dare, try it out.