Swindle all the Way Slots

Although it's not Christmas time yet - although it could be; depends on when you're reading this - you can enjoy the Xmas-themed Swindle All the Way Slots without putting too much effort into the festivities. It's the same old story of the immoral trying to steal from the wealthy; it's no different in this albeit fun-filled reel from Real Time Gaming, Thieves abound in the winter season, trying, as usual, to come up on some cash and and prizes at the expense of those that work hard for what they've got.

The gifts are arranged under the Christmas Tree by the missus of the house, and the kids are all asleep hoping that Santa Claus brings more presents in the peaceful night, Perhaps, if they're lucky, they will catch a glimpse of reindeer sleighing away in the early dusk hours as the bearded magician from the North Pole takes his leave for the year after blessing good kids with the prizes they deserve for taking it easy on their parents during the past 12 months. These thieves are weird, though - they'll only take the gifts of those that have been naughty, and leave the ones of those who've been nice - almost as if they're trying to absolve Santa, himself, of the responsibility in making that distinction!

In any case, you can win on up to the maximum 25 paylines if you play them all at once each round. The winning direction is for symbols that appear from left to right, and there are random jackpots that can be won for the diligent real money player. If you've ever played the other RTG slots such as Naughty or Nice and Rudolph's Revenge, then you know the kind of dark-humored fun for which you're in store here. The grumpy burglars do not plan on making it easy for you, though, so be ready to fight tooth and nail for everything you want and feel you deserve - as is the case for most worthy things in life, after all.

The mood, despite being rather dark; still manages to be hearty and full of lighthearted shenanigans as the bumbling burglars parade around the scene on the lookout for Christmas loot. The bonus features are one of several reasons to keep on coming back for more after your first round here, and the chance to grab some holiday cash - albeit at any time of the year - is yet another reason that cannot simply be overlooked.

The symbols on the reels consist of the burglars, themselves, reindeer that are festooned with celebratory strings and other decorations, the higher poker jackets that are the lowest paying symbols but still worth a good amount for the real money gamer. One of the best things of all are the huge gift of 60 free games that can be won during normal rounds - these have the chance to propel you towards your goal at full speed! Download the casino software to check out Swindle All the Way Slots in style and with a little something at stake - you've got to give a little to get a lot with this one (potentially). However, you can also skip the moolah altogether and simply play for free using your browser of choice - as long it's a supported browser like Chrome, Firefox or any of their multitude of variants.