Snowmania Slots

Snowmania is a wintery slot game that showcases presents, Santa hats, carrots, gingerbread men, holly and more symbols that are all associated with winter and chilly weather fun. The slot is nicely styled, and shows off a very nice animated snowman that helps to really give the theme an upscale appearance. The game has just 20 paylines, which is a bit lower than we're used to, but thanks to some careful design and a few key features it's still an interesting slot game. Below is our review of Snowmania and what you can expect if you decide to play it for yourself.

Fixed Payline Wagering

The first thing we noted about Snowmania is that the 20 paylines are fixed, so you must wager on all of them each time that you play the slot game. That doesn't mean that you need to place a large wager down in order to spin the reels, but it does mean that you need to wager a minimum of $0.20 per spin when playing. You can wager as low as $0.01 per line and as high as $10.00 per line, so the upper wager limit is $200.00 per spin of the reels. Choose the level you are most comfortable with when you start playing, and the slot will be much more enjoyable.

Crushed Symbols

Each time you manage to score a win while playing this slot game, the winning symbols are crushed down and replaced by something else. This opens up the chance for chain wins to occur and can lead to several different wins one after another when you play Snowmania. It's possible for several wins to occur in a row, because new winning symbols are always crushed, even if symbols were already crushed during the round.

The Multi Win Multiplier

That special crush feature leads to another bonus feature packed into Snowmania as well, and that's the multi-win multiplier as we have dubbed it. Snowmania calls this feature Morph Magic. Either way, when symbols are crushed down, you get a multiplier that goes from 1x to 2x to 3x to 5x each time you get a win on the same round. That means multiple wins in a row will reward you with increasingly valuable prize payouts. You can keep the multiplier at 5x by continuing to crush symbols after it reaches that value as well.

Misleadingly Small Wins

At first glance this slot seems to pay out some pretty paltry wins. With a top prize payout worth just 2,500 coins you probably aren't expecting any exciting wins, but you would be wrong. It's possible to win a massive amount of cash from this slot game, but you'll need to utilize the crush system to do so. That's because this slot offers some impressive multipliers, and you'll trigger them more often than you might realize.

Advanced Autoplay Options

Snowmania is packed with powerful Autoplay options that will make it easier than ever for you to make the game play itself. By pressing the Autoplay button you can choose the number of spins that you want to go through, and all the different conditions that will stop the automatic spins. Set this up properly and the slot will go through spin after spin without you having to do anything at all in the process.

Crushing Free Games

Free games is a pretty darned exciting feature in Snowmania because it offers the opportunity for some pretty powerful multipliers with enough luck. You must get three or more present symbols to trigger the bonus round where you will get 10 free games initially. Once you're started you can get additional sets of 5 free spins by getting three presents again on any of your free turns. Every win that you get comes with a 3x multiplier, which gives you a chance at some really nice prize payouts. Things get much more interesting when you unlock a crush combo though. Win once and the next win in that same round gets a very nice 6x multiplier. After the second crush you have a 9x multiplier and after the third you get a 15x multiplier on all your prize wins.

Snowmania is a cool slot game with a very nice look. It reminds us of winter, of Christmas and of happy holidays and that's just the start of why we enjoy this slot game so much. The crushing symbols and the powerful multiplier mechanics make this slot game thoroughly enjoyable to play, and that's why we recommend others test it out. Give it a playthrough for yourself and you might enjoy it just as much as we do.