Kung Fu Rooster Slots

If you reside anywhere in the Western world, then you've likely heard the chimes of that old song "Everybody was Kung-Fu Fighting" ring loud and clear at a club on a Friday night or weekend. Clearly, then, that ancient art of Chinese offense and defense has seeped its way into nearly all the cultures of the world - save, perhaps, the African Masai warriors who fight lions (albeit armed with a spear) as a rite of passage into adulthood.

All you need concern yourself with, however, is with this Real Time Gaming Slot that features a Rooster that can fight better than any other member of the family Phasianidae (the scientific name for the chicken family). It is quite fitting that the male chicken should feature strongly as the main character here; without him, it has been shown that the hens will peck each other to death. In this particular game, he can be responsible for unleashing a 50,000x jackpot for the lucky gamer (assuming that you choose the real money option for gaming). The x is a multiple of the line bet you place at the start of the game.

Obviously, this is an Oriental Slot and so brings with it all kinds of symbols that reference the luck for which the Chinese are known. Luck is a common theme throughout the entirety of their culture, as such numbers like 8 and multiples of it are considered very fortunate to have and encounter in everyday life. This game delivers, as it comes with the chance at Free Spins and Multipliers of up to and including 25x. With these, you can keep on playing and thereby improve your chances at winning the jackpot or any of the assorted smaller prizes along the way, as the symbols dictate.

The symbols are cool characters like a stern monkey dojo master, a pair of nunchuks, the Yin Yang symbol, indigo colored fan and the upper poker jackets 9, 10, Ace, Joker and King (not in that order, of course). There's also the most important symbol of the Rooster, himself, being that he keeps the order in the chicken coop. The game has 5 reels and 12 paylines, which offers an adequate number to ways to win. There's a Fire Trials bonus game that has the potential to deliver a slew of wins to the consistent real money gamer, too. In this, you can obtain a 25x boost in any of the normal games. It takes a minimum of three Monkey Scatter symbols to get into this round and reap the waiting benefits. The Wild is, of course, the kung-fu Rooster, and he substitutes for any other symbol except the Monkey Scatter to help you finish a winning payline. As with many other Real Time Gaming slots, you don't have to play for money here - free play is on the House. Enjoy.