Eagle Shadow Fist Slots

Eagle Shadow Fist is a fun video slot game based on the 1970's cult film with Jackie Chan. The game itself looks really nice and shows off a range of cool features that should make things very interesting to play through.

Wagering Options

In Eagle Shadow Fist one of the first things you'll realize is that there aren't a whole lot of wagering options to choose from. There are 25 paylines and you can wager on all of them or just some of them. The minimum wager if $0.01 and the maximum wager is $1.00 per line for a total of $25.00 all together at the most. That's not a very large maximum wager for a modern day video slot, and it's going to disappoint many serious high roller gamblers that want to give this slot game a try.

Wild Double Payouts

Wilds in this slot game double the prizes won during standard game play, but also during the free spin round of the game. That opens up some nice possibilities for larger prize wins later on once you get going with this slot game.

Free Spin Bonus Game

Getting three or more scatter symbols in Eagles Shadow Fist is the only way to unlock the free spin bonus round. Do so and you'll be rewarded with 20 free spins overall with double prize payouts for each and every one of those spins. Not only that, but if you manage to get a prize including a wild, the total prize will be quadrupled in size. That's pretty exceptional and leads to some serious payouts during the free spin round.

A Random Progressive Jackpot

Just like other similar games by RTG, this video slot comes with a random progressive jackpot that you can trigger while playing through the rounds. The only thing that you need to do to trigger this payout is spin the reels and get lucky. The amount increases with every spin of the reels and can grow to be thousands of dollars, so keep spinning and hoping for the best.

Decent Top Payouts

The Tang symbols are the most lucrative of all the symbols and are worth 5,000 coins when you get five of them on the paylines during the standard rounds of Eagles Shadow Fist. With the wild symbol mixed in the Tang symbols are worth up to 10,000 coins, and it's possible to get as many as 20,000 coins during the free spin round if you have wilds and Tang symbols.

Eagle Shadow Fist is a cool slot game based off a movie from the 1970's. Fans of the movie will certainly love what this slot game has to offer. Even players that aren't fans of the film will enjoy the features of this slot game, but we aren't sure if there are enough features to keep everyone entertained if they don't like the movie as well. The top jackpot payout is pretty nice, but is a bit limited thanks to the low top wager that can be made.