Cai Hong Slots

Cai Hong Slots is a decidedly Oriental slot with a strangely attractive theme. There's a lucky rabbit as one of the symbols, as well as a sun bear, rooster, water buffalo or cow, tiger and the God of Luck in Chinese mythology. It is from the elusive Real Series of slots, which are just now beginning to make a splash in the realm of online casino gaming. The poker cards from 9 thru Ace are also some of the lower paying symbols on the reels. With features such as Wild symbols and Scatter icons, you can expect to have as much fun here as with any other well-considered slot; play for free at your favorite casino, or try it out with a software download and cash deposit for the paylines.

The Wild symbol is represented by the God of Luck, and the Scatter icon by a rainbow-framed Chinese character. The God of Luck sometimes doubles as the God of Wealth in this particular mythology; which, of course, makes sense - just think of the lottery, for example. Wealth and luck often goes hands-in-hand, and five of a kind of this Wild icone delivers a 10,000 coin win. Four of a kind of the God of Wealth symbol delivers 2,500 coins, three of a kind delivers 250 coins and two of a kind gets you 10 coins. He also doubles any wins in which he features strongly, and can replace any other symbol except for the Scattered Rainbow character to help complete a winning payline.

The irreplaceable Scatter also comes with wins. The symbol count is not worth nearly as much as the Wild, but the Scatter has other special attributes. Five of a kind of the Scatter icon returns 500 coins, four of a kind returns 20 coins, three of a kind returns two coins, and any Scatter wins you chance upon are multiplied by the total amount you bet at the start of the payline - no matter what the number. The potential to win big is huge if the Scatter comes through for you. Keep an eye on your total balance at the bottom of the screen.

As for the other symbols, the tiger is a big one. Five tigers are worth 750 coins, four tiger symbols are worth 125 coins, three tiger symbols are worth 25 coins and two tiger symbols are worth 2 coins. As with other symbols, if the God of Wealth/Luck appears in this win, he doubles the value of the win to 1500 coins, 250 coins, 50 coins or 4 coins, respectively. The rooster symbol also pays well; five of a kind of this King of Hens runs you 750 coins, four of a kind runs you 125 coins, three of a kind gets you 25 coins and two of a kind gets you 2 coins. All of the icons pay you only if they show up in the left to right direction on the reels; only the Rainbow character Scatter can pay any which way.

With 5 reels and 25 paylines, Cai Hong Slots is the typically brilliant Real Time Gaming creation. By playing it, you will become deeply immersed in the lore and legend of Oriental mythology, so try it out at your earliest convenience - both the fun money and real cash options are available, as befits your desire.