Dragon Orb Slots

RTG always has the best slots that you're liable to find in the online space. Take, for example, the sizzling Dragon Orb Slots that has 5 reels and 10 paylines. As a Progressive, there's a jackpot at the end that's worth loads of dollars for the real money player (potentially); remember to always gamble responsibly if you're into putting down some cash for a night of online fun. The lowest amount you can bet on the variable lines is 0.1 credit; the most is 2.5 credits. It's an Asian Fantasy template that will leave you reeling with excitement at the great graphics and awesome fireworks surrounding the dragon orbs on the screen.

The great winged beasts that have found their way into nearly all the mythologies of the world. And in every one, they preside over treasures untold and guard them for the adventurers who are brave enough to partake of the riches. In this slot, use the bonus symbol Dragon Orb to improve your chances at winning big. It is the Substitute symbol and can replace any other symbol to complete a winning payline. It's preferred reels are the 2nd, 3rd and 4th; upon which it lands and can unlock treats.

You will notice one huge difference in the dragons that hail from the East and those that hail from the European continent: the former are benevolent in their grace, and bring loads of good luck. The latter, on the other hand - as you can see from blockbuster such as Game of Thrones - bring fire and calamity to the foes of their masters. In Dragon Orb Slots, we're hoping it can bring the Asian version to you.

The legendary winged beasts will preside over the reels and give you a chance to unlock the many hidden chambers in the game, whereby you may luck into numerous amounts of credits and extra chances at winning these. The game is free to play, so you can use it as practice for other games if you wish. Play a few rounds for fun and get the hang of the game buttons and features; then, consider downloading the casino software and signing up for a casino account. You'll be privy to any Welcome Bonuses and Promotions that are a part of the casino's offering; you will also, of course, have a chance at the Minor and Major jackpots that were talked about near the beginning. Although they vary a bit, they never get above the thousands for the minor version, or ten thousand for the major version - both are separate from the game's Progressive, which you can also win if your luck holds true.

What are you waiting for? Download Dragon Orb Slots to experience a visually pleasing ode to the dragons from the East; may they shine their good luck down upon you in free mode or paid mode. Real Time Gaming never disappoints; they continue that tradition of gaming satisfaction with Dragon Orb Slots.