Halloween Treasures Slots

Halloween Treasures is a creepy slot game loaded with vibrant symbols and some pretty impressive features overall. If you're searching for a top game for the holidays or just a slot with different elements blended together nicely, you can get all of that and more by playing this game overall.

Offered at Real Time Gaming Casinos

RTG or Real Time Gaming is the creator behind this spooky Halloween game, and we can recommend RTG casinos to anyone that's interested in trying this game. When you play at a compatible casino, you'll get access to loads of games and plenty of cool features too. If you're interested in enjoying a good mix of different games, you should think about joining a casino that supports Halloween Treasures.

Demo The Game

It's completely possible to test this game without risking your own money if you're interested in getting to know the slot before you risk your bank balance. Swap to Demo mode when loading the slot, and you can immediately start testing the features of the game. The slot works the same while in Demo mode, but you can't win any real money. If you aren't missing cash payouts, you can enjoy all the features of this game for free with this feature!

Play for One of Four Progressive Jackpots

We love this progressive jackpot game because it gives players access to four different jackpot prize payouts to choose from. Play for long enough, and you'll get a chance to play the progressive jackpot feature to try to win one of four different prize payouts. This game is powerful and fun and will make you feel like anything is possible as you play.

A Spooky Glowing Halloween Game

There's a lot to love about the theme of this slot, including the collection of glowing spooky symbols. The reels are dotted by pumpkins, candles, potions, witch's hats, vampires, and more as you spin for big payouts. The backdrop of this game is a bit underwhelming because it's just a brick wall, but we like how it's nighttime and glowing to help with the eery appearance a bit more.

243 Ways to Win

With 243 different ways to win, you have many cluster prize-winning opportunities as you spin and play this game. With so many potential ways to win, there is a lot to look forward to with this slot. We like the cluster system because it's simple, and it means that wagering is easy. The game pays out regularly, and that's good news for impatient gamblers that want to get to the winning already.

Just an Okay Betting Range

We weren't impressed by the wagering options when testing this game. On the low end, most gamblers will be happy with the minimum bet value of just $0.10 per spin. On the high end, the maximum wager of just $50.00 will scare off many high-rollers that want to play for larger sums of money. The bet level jumps up dramatically as well, which means that you may not be able to choose a middle value that you're satisfied with as a gambler playing this game.

Spin Using Autoplay

This game has an autoplay feature that allows it to go through many spins with one button press. For gamblers that want to play through extended sessions, this is a powerful feature. If you get tired of pressing the spin button, you can activate this feature and relax as the game runs on its own.

Golden and Standard Symbols Offer Just Okay Pays

If you try this game, you'll notice that you can get glowing symbols and normal symbols with each spin. The glowing symbols are worth far more than the standard symbols, but neither type of symbol is worth more than 600 coins per spin. That means that you can't expect huge prize payouts on any one turn of the reels in this game. There are lots of different ways that you can win as you play, but you aren't likely to win a huge prize.

Uncover 12 Free Spins

Anytime you get three scatter symbols or greater, you will activate the free spin bonus round. While in this round, you get 12 free spins, and you still have a chance to win using glowing symbols, unlock prizes with the wild, win with scatters, and trigger the progressive jackpot bonus feature. The free spin round is a nice boost, and it could help turn around your play session if you're lucky enough to trigger this bonus feature.

Try it Free for As Long as You Want

There isn't a time limit when you play this game in Demo mode other than the 1,000 credit balance. Once you burn through your initial credits, you can reload the game and play for free once again. If you want to test the game for a higher value, you will need to try to get some good wins, or you'll run through your free balance fast, but you can keep playing the slot in Demo mode forever if you like.

Bet Real Cash Fast

The instant that you want to play this game using real money, you can swap to normal mode and start wagering with real money in the slot game. If you decide that you want to do this, you just exit the game and open it so that you can choose Normal play mode. The instant you do this, you will get a chance to wager with your casino balance and to play for real cash prizes.

Win Millions

Even though the maximum prize payouts are only worth hundreds of coins, it's possible to win tens of thousands of coins on a single spin which will result in mssive prize payouts if you have a large wager active at the time. This slot is a high-paying experience for the lucky high-rollers that are betting big when they unlock a nice win, and that's why so many players stick with the game over time.

A Poor Value Game

We weren't excited to see that this game only pays out 95% of the money that it gets from players in the form of prizes. That's not a good rate when so many others pay out more than 96% of the money taken in. With that said, this slot isn't such a poor value that you shouldn't try it at all. If you want to try a spooky game with some cool features, this game can be fun to play around with. If you only play the best value games, you will want to skip this one, however.

We Rated the Game

We spent hours trying this game, and only after really getting to know the game could we say that it's worth playing for some gamblers. We rated it 3.4 out of 5.0 stars. The game pays big when you're lucky, and it has some cool bonus features, but it isn't all that exciting overall. We love the look of the slot, and we had fun trying for glowing symbols as we played, but we found ourselves getting bored of the game eventually.

Can Play on Most Mobile Devices

If you want to take this game with you when you leave home, you will be pleased to learn that it works on most tablets and smartphones as well. The game functions in the web browser of Android and iOS devices, and you can swap between these different options conveniently whenever you like. Choose the options that you like the best and take your game with you wherever you go without downloading an app to play.

Halloween Treasures is an enjoyable game, but it isn't for everyone. It isn't the best value, and some players will grow tired of the simple bonus features over time. We like the look of the game and that you can win very big, but the game isn't perfect and isn't right for everyone.