Monster Mayhem Slots

Monster Mayhem Slots is yet another in the long line of success with video slots software maker Real Time Gaining. It's got the standard five reels and the decidedly gigantic 50 pay lines, sporting a couple of progressive jackpots, free spins, wild symbols, and a mad dash for the 25,000 coin prize. In fact, Monster can mayhem Slots is in possession of two wild symbols; they both conspire to replace any other symbol to help you complete the winning pay line.

If you're playing for real money, the one of the most important things to know - in addition to the total number of available pay lines - is the coin size range. You can bet $0.01 at the low end and a full one dollar highest; remember, it is possible to bet between one and 50 lines. This means that, in total, you can bet $.50 up to $50 on each and every spin. The big number of airlines allows you to actually play conservatively while maximizing your chances of winning. Play a low Coin Size but make sure to play every single pay line.

The symbols on the reels are drawn in quite a whimsical fashion. There is a policeman, industrial center, pretty redhead, spotlight, camera, Monster Mayhem newspaper, helicopter, purple buggy and a fire hydrant. The two symbols of special importance or the wilds and the single scatter - so actually that makes three symbols. The two wilds only show up on the first and the fifth reels and can replace any other symbol except for the industrial center scatter symbol. Below you will learn the value of the various icons on the reels.

The monster footprints is what the most; five of these get you 2500 coins, for these footprints get you 500 coins, three of these footprints are worth 100 coins and two monster footprints are worth five coins. The next icon that pays a lot is the pretty redhead lady. Five of her is worth 1250 coins, four of her is worth 250 coins, three of her gets you 50 coins and two of her gets you just three coins. Next in line is a policeman; five him get you 500 coins, four of him get you 150 coins, and three of him get you 25 coins - don't get anything for just two of the symbols.

The following are the lower paying symbols in Monster Mayhem Slots. Notice that, unlike so many other five reel video slots, the poker symbols do not appear here. The helicopter in the purple buggy car together are worth 400 coins for five of the time, 75 coins perform a kind, and 15 coins for three of a kind. The fire hydrant and spotlights are also coupled; five the kind are worth 200 coins, for the kind are worth 50 coins, and three of a kind are worth five coins. Lastly, we have the Monster Mayhem newspaper and the old-fashioned camera with a flash icon; five of a kind are worth 100 coins, four of a kind are worth 25 coins, and three of a kind are worth five coins.

The progressive jackpots mentioned earlier will expose themselves at the end of the game assuming your luck holds true. Additionally, they can be one in conjunction with any other win you collect. There are respins possible using the two wild symbols, which take the appearance of an orange devil monster, and a pink rabbit monster - just wait until you see it! Download today and see how well Monster Mayhem Slots suits your fancy.