Cash Bandits 2 Slots

Cash Bandits 2 Slots

Cash Bandits 2 Slots is straight from the coffers of Real Time Gaming. Although it was just released in the year 2017, this five reel 25 pay line video slot is taking the online gaming world by storm. The pay lines are not fixed, and it possesses to elite jackpots: a Minor and a Major jackpot. It's available on both the Apple iOS and Android operating system platforms for your mobile device, and possesses many free spins and bonus games to spice up your life. And let us not forget to mention that the Major jackpot is in the tens of thousands of dollars, whereas the Minor jackpot is in the thousands of dollars - sometimes in the high hundreds. The most lucrative of all is the fixed jackpot; which is a whopping $50,000 for real money players.

If you've ever played Real Time Gaming's first installment of Cash Bandit Slots, then you know it's all about the old cops and robbers theme - a fan favorite of kids from all around the world. The robbers scamper about the reels, while being chased by the upstanding lawman, Jets around the massive Greek columns that form the pillars of the formidable banking institution. They're trying to break in! And it's your job to stop them using your wily skills, guns, and commanding voice to tell them to halt.

All the symbols on the reels are similar to the same ones that can be found on the original; there's a wanted poster, Sheriff badges, bags of cash, metal handcuffs, and much more. The pleasing cartoon style in which the icons are drawn - especially the sexy police debutante that sits atop the game board - are eye-opening and fun to be. Toss in the fact that you can win up to 190 free spins, as well as a 17 X run of multiplier attributes, and you can see why this progressive Jackpot is making waves. Remember - there's no deposit or download required to have fun, so fire up your mobile tablet and enjoy the awesome graphics and sizzling gameplay.

As with most five reel, 25 pay line games from RTG, you can adjust the pay lines from 1-25 as you see fit. Of course, any seasoned gamer would tell you that playing all of them improves your chances of winning statistically. However, just by playing all of them, does not mean you have to spend more than your capable of. Simply decrease what the coin amounts are and you can fall well within your target range for expenditures, while also maximizing your chances.

As for the Wild symbol, it can show up on any one of the reels in this game. As is the case with almost every other online slots, the wild substitutes in and replaces icons on the reels to aid you in the completion of winning combinations. It is represented by the game logo in Cash Bandit 2 slots. The Scatter symbol, on the other hand, is the head thief of this group of bandits; he can trigger the so-called Vault feature if three of him show up on the reels. Once you're in this round, you are presented with a handful of vaults to break by hitting on the right combination of codes. You can win up to five free games along with a 2X multiplier, and the bonus game is the one that just might present you with those magical 190 free spins and 17 X multipliers.Whatever you think about the theme, it's worth a shot to get your hands on Cash Bandits 2 Slots. Download today and see what everyone's talking about; or simply head to the website on your computer and play for free.