Small Fortune Slots

It's rare that a slot surprises us, but we were surprised almost immediately after seeing the theme of Small fortune the online slot game. It's all about bugs getting into a feat of food at a picnic and it's a pretty fun and charming theme if you ask us. The slot game weaves in a blend of special features and prize payouts, but it's the actual theme and graphics of this slot that made us want to create the review down below.

Flexible Betting

The betting system in this slot game is highly flexible, making it simple to get a good sized wager down that you will be comfortable with. There are 25 paylines, and they are completely flexible. That means that you can turn on or off any of the lines that you like to get to just the right amount of wagers per turn. You can adjust your wager on each individual pay line to be between $0.01 and $10.00 per spin. That gives you a range of $0.01 and $250.00 per spin depending on the amount of money you are comfortable with. Get all the settings configured properly and you can play this slot game with any wager amount that you like. Low stakes gamblers will be comfortable, and so will most high rollers.

Grouped Wilds

The ant symbols are the scatters in this slot game and they show up in groups on reels 1 and 5 as you play. The ants can appear in stacks that can literally take over and entire reel if you are lucky. Getting stacks of these ant wilds at the beginning and end reels of the game will give you excellent chances of achieving some high payout triggers.

Huge Scatter Wins

The girl symbol is the scatter in Small Fortune and she is a powerful tool for triggering some massive wins. While you will need at least three scatters to get a payout at all, getting five scatters will reward you with a massive 250x prize payout worth as much as $62,500 in prize money if you have the maximum wager in place when you spin the reels. That's a lot of cash and doesn't even consider the bonus feature of this slot game at all.

Limited Fixed Payouts

In Small Fortune you aren't going to get rich from the standard prize payouts that you win while playing. That's because the largest payout that you can get from a single symbol combination is 1,250 coins. That's not a whole lot compared to some other slot reward payouts. The next best win that you can get is 750 coins, followed by two other symbol combinations that pay 500 coins. That's not a whole lot of coin.

The Free Game Feature

The free game feature is a bit more difficult to unlock in this slot than in some others, but it is possible. To do so you'll need at least one wild on both the first and last reels and a picnic basket on any of the middle reels in between. Do that and you'll enjoy 5 free games times the number of picnic baskets on the reels. You'll get a multiplier based on the total number of ants on the screen when you trigger the bonus, so you will have at least a 2x multiplier during this bonus round. It's possible to trigger additional free spins but to do so you need to get the same combination once again during the free spins.

Random Jackpots

There are two random jackpots that are listed up above the slot game while you are playing through the rounds. These two jackpots offer very different prize payouts, one in the hundreds and the other in the thousands. Between those two options you can get some solid wins from Small Fortune if you are lucky enough. They trigger at random and you can win either payout at the conclusion of any spin in this slot.

Set Autoplay with Precision

If you decide to use the Autoplay feature when you test out this slot game you have a lot of control over how that feature will work as well. You can very easily set the game to go through automatic spins in many different quantities. The game can go through tens or hundreds of spins, and you can make it turn off this feature for specific wins, bonus triggers or other conditions.

Small Fortune is an attractive online slot game with a good blend of features for you to make use of. We absolutely love the theme of the game, but think that the standard prize payout is a bit small when compared to other slot games. The free spin bonus has real potential to award large payouts, but it's also pretty tough to trigger. Overall, the slot isn't half bad and it's worth a test play session, but it's not the best option we've tried either.