Nova7s Slots

Real Time Gaming has embraced the realm of outer space with a dazzling Nova 7s slots. The colors are bright and vibrant, and your elite starship whisks in between me yours, comets, asteroids, planets, and stars of different sizes and colors - as prescribed by the properties inherent in Main Sequence Suns. With five reels and 25 pay lines, this slot provides you with a wide range of betting options starting from $.25 to $6.25 per line. Of course, you can choose to play any number of lines between one and 25; this helps you conserve cash while also maximizing your chances of winning against the House.

The wild symbol in this game is a red 7 and it appears on the 2nd and 4th reels to your benefits. This ability provides it with a range of bonus features like the solar flare which expands to cover the current reel. There's also a so-called nova feature which converts the red 7 wild into a 7X multiplier attribute. Even better, there is the supernova feature which is an amalgamation of the solar flare and the nova - this is actually pretty accurate astrophysics - to bring about a full reel of 7X multipliers and wild symbols.

The only symbol that the red 7 wild icon cannot substitute for is the blue 7 scatter icon. This one has the potential to be very lucrative; you can win a shocking 70 7X your total bet if you get five blue 7 icons on a spin. There are also some extra substitute symbols that show up on the center real and deliver seven free spins to the lucky gamer. Our favorites attribute is the hyper nova 7 feature that causes a virtual explosion of supernova 7 icons and wild symbols to turn the center real into a gift giving bonanza replete with free spins and cash prizes. The very rare Hyper nova Extreme feature also works his magic on the center real and provides a surreal amount of value if you win it.

This is not to say that there are no other well paying symbols in Nova 7s Slots. The other nine can also give you a run towards the money; if you can get five red planet symbols, then your reward is 777 times your starting bet. Similarly, five of a kind of the startlingly blue planet symbol can open up a reward of 577 times the starting bet. Continuing along, five of the emerald green planets icons deliver 377 times your bet, five of the sunflower yellow planet symbols are worth 277 times your bet - this rounds out the second cache of high paying symbols.

Now we move on to the lower paying symbols: the first of these is the orange galaxy; five coins galaxies produces a win of 277 times your bet, five of the yellow galaxy symbol produces 177 times your bet - the same numbers go for the green galaxy. Lastly, we have indigo and blue galaxies; five of a kind of either one of these produces a 77 times your initial bet when. As a result of all of these paying symbols, Nova 7s Slots as an improved hit rate when compared to similarly-sized online slots. Download it now and get your game on to experience the space-faring adventure that can keep you up all night long.