Pharaoh's Gold Slots

Classic slot games are becoming more and more technical and feature-rich today and some gamblers aren't too happy about that. Pharaoh's Gold is the online slot game designed to appeal to all the slot players that aren't interested in all the fancy features. It's a fun Egyptian themed slot game that keeps it simple and straightforward. To learn all about this slot and what you can expect if you decide to play around with it, read through our review below.

The Simplest Classic Slot

You won't find many classic slot games simpler than Pharaoh's Gold in terms of raw features. There really aren't any special features at all for you to think about. The only difference between this classic slot game and the others is that there are three paylines instead of one central line. Other than that, you just spin the reels and hope to get the highest payout from the slot game. That's all there is to the game and it's pretty simple no matter what sort of gambler you are and what you are used to.

Wager Three Coins

Every time you play this slot you should wager three coins if you can. Doing so unlocks all three of the paylines, and gives you access to the higher than normal jackpot payout offered on the third payline. The standard jackpot from the Sphinx is worth 50 coins on lines 1 and 2. Get three of the symbols on the third payline and you'll trigger a 2x payout worth 100 coins. This reward comes just for wagering three coins and it won't cost you any extra when you consider how often you'll win prize payouts thanks to the added payline when you play.

Snake Payouts are Frequent

With just three different symbols to worry about, and snake payouts only requiring two of the symbols to show on one of the three paylines, the payouts are incredibly common when playing the slot game. You'll enjoy frequent 2 coin payouts from the snake symbol, which will help you continue to wager in the slot game for longer. Sure the snakes aren't going to make you rich, but they are a nice little perk that makes it a bit easier to continue enjoying Pharaoh's Gold for longer while you try and unlock a larger prize payout.

Small Prize Payouts

Pharaoh's Gold is a simple slot game, but it's also a low paying option. You shouldn't expect to get rich playing this slot, because it will take you a really long time to do so. The top payout is just 100 coins, the next payout is 50 coins, then 25 coins, 5 and 2. With these small prize payouts you won't win a huge amount of money while playing the slot, which means that you will be left trying to get many wins in a row while playing the slot game.

If you're the type of slot player that needs advanced features and big prize payouts, you'll hate Pharaoh's Gold. If you're a gambler that doesn't mind simplicity, you will likely enjoy what the slot game has to offer you. It's very basic and won't make you think much at all while you play, which can make it into a relaxing experience overall.