Mermaid Queen Slots

For as long as pirate stories go back to the mists of time, visions of mermaids have been reported on the forlorn decks of ancient bows and on the islands in the middle of the deep blue sea. The artists at software giant Real Time Gaming have adequately captured the suspense with their new video slots, Mermaid Queen. In Greek mythology, the mermaid were demi-goddesses that served at the whim of the major members of the Greek Pantheon; in particular, they were the daughters of the Lord of the Ocean Poseidon. They were often involved in shipwrecks of mortal men, to whom they beseeched with their beauty from the shore.

The colors in Mermaid Queen Slots are breathtaking and detailed and can raise of a good feeling all the men. This does not, in any way, mean that the slot is not for the gals; anyone can win here at the symbols lineup favorably. The color scheme focuses on greens, yellows, blues and pinks in order to be highly reminiscent of conch shells and sea shells as you might find on a pristine sandy beach. The actual mermaids are drawn in three dimensional graphics, and there is a lighted torch to show you the way.

The various symbols on the reels includes a pro necklace, the upper car jackets from the table game poker, a redhaired mermaid, a purple conch shell, pink coral reefs, a vibrantly colored fish and more. The scatter symbol is the purple conch shell and if you manage to get five of these on the reels, then the prize is 200 coins. For purple conch shells results in a 15 coin win, three purple conch shells results in a three coin win, and to shells gets you a one coin win. Even better, scatter wins are all multiplied by the total bet amount.

The highest paying symbol in the game is the raven haired merman. Five of these produces a whopping 7500 coins, four merman icons results in a 500 coin win, three merman are good for hundred and 25 coins, into merman equals five coins. The next highest paying symbol is the pirate ship; five of these are 2500 coins, four of these are 400 coins, three of these are 100 coins, and two of them are five coins. The last of the triple digit paying icons is the chartreuse colored fish. Five of these gets you 1000 coins, four of these gets you 250 coins, three of these gets you 25 coins, and two of these gets you three coins.

Now for the lowest paying symbols; it starts with the pearl necklace. Five pearl necklaces still offers a pretty cool 500 coins, for pearl necklaces are worth 200 coins, three pearl necklace symbols are worth 20 coins, and two pearl necklaces are worth three coins. As for the poker symbols, both Ace and King give you 400 coins if five of either symbol appear on the reels, 50 coins for four symbols and 10 coins for three symbols. Queen and Joker offered 250 coins for five of them, 30 coins for four of them, and five points for three of them. Lastly, 10 and 9 poker symbol jackets offers 200 coins for five, 15 coins for four, and five coins for three of them.

It's possible to win 10 free games if mermaids are attendance on the first, third, and fifth reels. The scatter symbol can provide extra free games if it shows up on one of the reels in the free games bonus round. Prizes are doubled as well as tripled depending on the appearance of the mermaid wild symbol during any normal game.All in all, Mermaid Queen Slots is worth a shot; if for the gameplay alone, you won't be disappointed. Download today.