Fantasy Mission Force Slots

A video slot that's in the style of an action-adventure movie involving martial arts and quests to save a damsel in distress, Fantasy Mission Slots will be immediately noticeable to anyone who knows the famous actor and fighter, Jackie Chan. The Chinese superstar is represented by a character on the screen, who bears a striking resemblance to the great Kung Fu practitioner. Real Time Gaming has created this generous ode to the warrior, and made it resplendent with 5 reels and 20 progressive paylines with an ever-increasing jackpot at the end for a lucky real money gambler.

Instant Play is always available on the very best that RTG has to offer, so don't ever think you have to reach into your pockets to enjoy the games. However, if you're interested in big cash prizes, then you've got to put up some cash by downloading the casino software to put some coinage on the paylines. After all, Fantasy Mission Force Slots has an uncharacteristically high variance, as well as free spins and multipliers that enhance the gameplay for cash players. It is also a pleasure for movie buffs; as long as you remember the early 1980s movie of the same name that starred Jackie Chan.

The gaming options are quite varied for this elite slot; you can play it on any Android or Apple-supported mobile device, as well as Windows machines on the desktop pc. Windows mobile functionality was just added, too, so if you've got one of these types of phones, you can enjoy the chance to win big or play for fun. As for what the point of the fantastical mission is, you must perform a high stakes rescue of a quadruplet of very important Chinese military generals that have been kidnapped and are being kept as stowaways in the mountainous cold of the Canadian countryside. This is, of course, a unique situation; who ever heard of Canada kidnapping anyone?! But this is your mission, if you choose to accept it in this unlikely and fantastic scenario.

The symbols on the reels include Jackie Chan, himself, his cohort the lovely Lily, Billy the con artist, general Wen, and various weapons of war such as grenades, knives and guns. You'll even find primitive projectile weapons like crossbows and maces all over the reels; there's an ingame landing page that tells you what each of a kind is worth. The Free Spins Bonus Round is triggered with a certain combination of symbols that involve the Wild and can give you multipliers for prolonged gameplay. Unique additions such as the Brickford Fuse also enhances your winning potential; when a triplet of these symbols appears, you can reap the considerable rewards.

The excitement doesn't stop with this Jackie Chan movie Fantasy Mission Force Slots that brings back the 80s action and splatters it all over the video slot screen. It's a dashing good time for fun money and real money players alike; it's up to which one you want to be - download it now, or play it for free in your Chrome browser.