Operation M.Y.O.W Slots

Operation M.Y.O.W. is a classic slot game that's all about cat spies. It's an interesting concept for a slot game, and it caught our attention immediately. This slot is designed to be a simple as possible, but that doesn't mean it isn't worth playing. We decided to do a full review on this very interesting slot game to see just what all it has to offer and whether or not we could recommend it to other players.

Betting Options

While playing this slot you have a pretty limited number of wagers that you can place. You can place between one and three coins down to start the game. Each of these coins can be valued at a maximum amount of $5.00 and at a minimum just a few cents apiece. This lets you wager between just a few cents and up to $15.00 per spin of the reels depending on the settings that you have in place. That's a decent range to work with if you aren't a high-roller, but if you are you will likely be disappointed with the different options available to you from this casino game.

Small Payouts

With many classic slot games offering payouts worth up to 10,000 coins or more, it's a bit underwhelming seeing a prize payout for just 50 coins for the top prize combination that you can get from this slot. That's not the whole story of this slot game though, and things can get a bit more interesting if you're willing to change things up. The low-paying paytable is just one of several different pay tables and it's up to you to decide on the one that you like the best before you begin playing.

Choose Your Own Pay Tables

There are several different pay tables and some offer bigger payouts than others. It's possible to get as many as 1,000 coins from a single win while playing Operation M.Y.O.W. depending on the paytable that you select. The higher paying tables trigger prizes less often, so it is up to you to balance the amount of money you want to win and your need to win prizes frequently. Choose the table you like best carefully, or test out each of the different tables and see which one you enjoy the most while playing this slot game.

Other than the very unique choose your pay table feature of this slot game, it doesn't have too much else going for it. The game is simple to play and it's easy to learn, which makes it user-friendly for new gamblers looking to get started with slots without being overwhelmed. There aren't any bonus rounds or special features, but you can still win an okay amount from a single spin. Give the slot a try if you want an interesting pay table mechanic, otherwise there are other classic slot games that you would be better off using.