Mid-Life Crisis Slots

Mid-Life Crisis Slots

Mid Life Crisis Slots is in positions of five reels and nine pay lines; as the much vaunted progressive slot, it's got a lot to offer in the way of monetary value for wins. Constructed by the software crew at Real Time Gaming, not only does this game have a huge jackpot, it's also got bonus rounds and scatter symbols to help you unleash the full power of the game board. It's true that members of either of the two genders can experience a midlife crisis; in which you suddenly by a toy - such as a red Corvette - to recapture your younger years. Perhaps if you win the jackpot in this slot, you can make that particular dream come true.

Assuming that you choose to play for real money, then it is important to know that you can play from one to five coins per line; the size of the point is fixed at $.25. Playing every single line then means that you're putting down $11.25 per spin - this gives you a chance at the big game progressive slots. The highest paying symbol is the red sports car; if you can get five of these while playing the Max then the reward is $100,000! Just imagine your casino account filling up with this amount of money and how much it can change your life. It is called the Sports Car Super Jackpot for reference.

In this game keep your eyes open for the scatter bonus rounds. It takes a triple appearance of the hairless rich guy with a gold chain icon to show up on the reels. Although the bonus round doesn't award anything close to the $100,000 of the progressive Jackpot, it is still a nice sum of cash at $437 when you're playing the maximum bet. Remember we promised you to bonus rounds: the second one is the Pick Your Poison Bonus. Appropriately, it involves the pretty ladies on the screen. If you can get three pretty lady symbols, then the maximum bet just might return a $5000 prize.

Let us touch on the other symbols on the reels before we move on from Mid-Life Crisis Slots. There is a high paying yellow and black motorcycle symbol, a stash of cash with a gold clip, a skydiver and parachute, the gold medallion, chocolate truffles, a portable spa, a vacation cruise boat, and some kind of name brand perfume. Other than the red Corvette, the highest paying symbols are the vacation cruise boat, the gold clip of cash, and the yellow and black motorcycle.Make sure you check out the pay table because it displays how many symbols go with the cash and you can win. For example, five vacation cruise boats reveals a 3200 coin win, five gold clip of cash symbols gives you a 2000 coin win, and five motorcycles symbols produces a 1500 coin win. Unlike most other slots you can even get a prize if just a single symbol appears; however, to win an amount of cash worth writing home about, then you want a minimum of two symbols to show up.

Download and play this wonderful slot today - it can give you visions of things to come as you approach your midlife. RTG has another potential winner on its hands, and it is available at your favorite online gaming casino today.