Aztec's Treasure Slots

The history of the ancient Aztec civilization is a tale of enormous wealth and might. Joyfully, this history now comes vividly alive in the Aztec's Treasure Slots from software producer Realtime Gaming (RTG).

This game gives you an entertaining close up look at the actions of the people that formed such a dominating civilization, and that means you also get to understand more about how they became so incredibly rich.

But make no mistakes when you learn about their richness. If you think that their treasures are just there for the taking in this history themed slot title, then you are in for a surprise, because The Aztec's passionately guard all their obtained valuables. But does that mean you should not even try to get your hands on some of those precious items?

The net worth of these treasures is surely a very convincing factor to still give it a try. And what is a better and safer way of trying then just sitting at home in your chair, while you push the spin button that puts the reels and pay lines in motion towards your money making goals.

The Aztecs lived and thrived a long time ago, but now it is your time to fruitfully claim fortunes and rewrite pages of the Central Mexican history books. Read on to find out what you need to do to have success on the reels.

What Kind of Features Does This Game Have to Offer

There are a number of good reasons why Aztec themed slots are so popular among online casino players. It is partly due to the fact that the story of this famous ancient civilization is so fascinating.

Many questions and facts might pop up in your mind when you think about the mysterious Aztecs. For example, how they were able to become so powerful, and how were they able to build their magnificent temples, which looked strikingly similar to the pyramids from the ancient Egyptians.

Eventually, the fate of the empire was sealed by the colonizing Spanish conquistadors. Thanks to these invaders, its unavoidable demise and fall happened very quick but also very brutal.

Luckily, a fall is not what you will experience when you play Aztec's Treasure Slots. Your fortune is actually on the rise in this game, and here are some of the features that will boost your success on its reels.

Hail the Mighty King

The legendary Aztec king only makes his appearance on slot reels two, three and four. But when he shows up, you can put him to use as a helpful substitute for other icons on the reels. By doing this, you will increase your winning opportunities. But remember that the king will not be able to function as a substitute for the scatter icon.

Receive Lots and Lots of Extra Spins in the Free Games Feature

The idol icon functions as the scatter in this game, and this scatter is connected to a desirable free games feature. Always make sure that you collect three, four or five idols on the reels. These scatter amounts are good for 5, 15 and 25 complimentary games.

Scatters keep appearing during these free games. And when they do, they give you bonus prizes that are equal to triggered wagers. If one to five idols appear in the free games bonus round, you receive 1, 2, 5, 15 or even 25 extra complimentary spins. This means that you can go on playing free games for a long, long time. You play all of these free games on the bet and line settings of the initial spin session that triggered them.

Last but not least, your scatter winning prizes, with the exception of bonus rewards, will be multiplied by three during the special free gaming rounds.

Other Symbols That You Will Encounter on the Reels of This Game

Besides useful wilds and powerful scatters, you can also spin other interesting symbols like the queen, the tiger and a shiny golden jewelry item that looks like it could be worth a lot of money. Furthermore, you will also encounter some familiar reel filling icons like the 9, J, Q, K and the A.

Will the Progressive Jackpot Make Your Day

A spin round always end, but that does not mean that your chance of winning ends as well at the same time. Because the progressive jackpot of your dreams can appear randomly whenever a round finishes. When it does, stuff the jackpots royal cash amount on your pile of winnings and prepare to live like a king in the future.

For Fun or for Real and on Autopilot or in Control

Choose for practice play if you prefer to be introduced to the game without having to pay any wagers, or go for real play if you want to plunge right into a gambling for money adventure with the help of potentially lucrative wagers.

During the fun or real mode, hit the auto play button if you just want to sit back and see the reels spewing up cash prize enhancing slot symbols. Click on stop auto if you want to take control again.

Other Important Game Rules and Features

In this slot machine title, the reel symbols pay out from the left to the right. Once more, scatters are an exception to this rule, because they actually pay out in any direction. This golden game boasts a total of 5 reels and 25 pay lines, which you use to make winning powerful symbol combinations.

The Interface and Background Are Eye-Pleasing

The buttons and the symbols in this game are very colorful. Furthermore, you get a good glimpse of the actual land in which the forefathers of the Mexicans lived.

You will see a beautiful nature rich background that consists of mountains, lakes, lush, green vegetation and the rising or descending sun. Many houses and a temple are also present in the picture.

It Is Your Time to Shine in Aztec's Treasure Slots

The ancient North Americans may be very wealthy, and the sun may be a sweltering hot force in the old Mexican lands, but it is certainly also your chance to shine and become rich when you play Aztec's Treasure Slots.

You wouldn't want to let such an opportunity go to waste so you better get started right away. The Aztecs await your arrival, and they will certainly see to it that you depart again with a bag full of ancient treasures.